Friday, August 15, 2014

An egg is an egg is an egg

Did you know that there are so many ways to cook egg? Not that I have personally tried them all. But the few egg recipe variations that I’ve tried in my kitchen have made my cooking a lot richer.

Omelettes can be done in as many ways as there are possible ingredients and herbs. It can be Chinese inspired with Mandarin chorizo, bell peppers, and greens of your choice. I have tried cheesy veggie omelettes; fruity omelettes with chopped dates, garlic, and shredded chicken; pizza-inspired omelettes with mozzarella cheese; and many more. In fact, you can make omelettes with random ingredients from the fridge and it will turn out yummy and fun.

Then there are the custards, French toasts, hard-boiled eggs with dressing and tossed greens, salted eggs that go well with fried bananas and sweet potatoes, poached eggs with saucy kale that are delicious with garlic-toasted wheat bread, frittatas and quiches, the list can go on and on.

The latest thing I have with eggs is the egg-steamed-in-coffee-steam. I know of a well-known resto that cooks this using the espresso machine steam wand to steam the egg; but since I don’t have such a machine at home, I use my large cooking pot to steam the whisked egg. Instead of plain water to steam the egg, I use coffee. It is best to use organic eggs or eggs from free-range chickens, by the way. I present the soft and yummy coffee-steamed egg with any topping that fancies me at the moment. Its unique taste goes best with country bread, prosciutto, and fresh lettuces with French dressing. 

Eggs are versatile ingredients, not to mention nutritious. It’s a shame if all you knew of eggs is the regular oval-shaped egg.

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